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Clear 16 7/16 x 20 1/8 Envelopes

Clear 16 7/16 x 20 1/8 Envelopes

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Wow! Look at this awesome cello! This cello is part of a large group but definitely stands out for its size. And it sounds as beautiful as it looks. Wait, you thought we were talking about this envelope? JAM was comparing the cello to the other string instruments in our band. Sorry, we got distracted.

This Clear 16 7/16 x 20 1/8 Envelope, yes now we are on the same page, can store all of those music sheets that you need for your next big performance. Since our clear cello matches your instrument’s name, you definitely won’t get it confused with some other music sheet that looks exactly like it. They all look the same to JAM, and we just realized this is probably why our band never got famous… Anyway, this envelope can also carry all of those reeds you need for the clarinet you have since you are so musically inclined.

Not at all musically inclined (aka like most JAM members)? Put some iPod’s, CDs, cassette tapes, 8tracks, Vinyl’s in the envelope, and whenever you need a pick me up or a cool down, play one of them! Another plus: you don’t have to worry about searching through the envelope since it’s see through! And if you want to hear some horrible music, come check out our nonexistent band!

Clear 16 7/16 x 20 1/8 Envelopes are HUGE! Also known as clear 16x20 envelopes.

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