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Clear 13 7/16 x 19 1/4 Envelopes

Clear 13 7/16 x 19 1/4 Envelopes

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Ed from Ed, Edd, & Eddy, Stimpy from Ren & Stimpy, and Pinky from Pinky and the Brain all came together at JAM and tried to figure out what to do with this envelope. Ed put it over his head, and we had to scream for him to stop; Stimpy danced around with it saying happy happy joy joy; Pinky was scared of the material and thought it was something Brain invented to take over the world.

Thankfully, those are some of the least intelligent cartoon characters out there (to say it as nicely as possible). These clear envelopes are pretty self-explanatory, unless you’re a teenage skater, a cat, and a lab rat. Use these envelopes to store anything you want really. Except for bricks or anchors or knives (we’re just hoping Ed, Stimpy and Pinky read this – if they can actually read…). These envelopes are great for protecting any kind of document, picture, or light object. Just remember that there are some characters that might want to play with the envelopes instead of using it. So keep it away from them.

Clear 13 7/16 x 19 1/4 Cello Envelopes are also known as clear 13x19 envelopes. Crystal clear with self adhesive closure.

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