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Clear 12 x 18 Envelopes

Clear 12 x 18 Envelopes

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Do you define your type as clean-cut, easy-to-read, and one that will open up whenever you want them to? Then this envelope is a match made in heaven! Wait? You thought we meant what you look for in a significant other? Awkward…

Use these clear envelopes for those character traits your next partner needs to have before even meeting them, a to-do list to get to that type of person, and then a package on how to make robots (since this is basically what you are looking for anyway). Or maybe make actual memories with your clean-cut, easy-to-read, open partner and store all of your pictures in here with them. If you decide on the robot, make sure to store batteries in here just in case.

These clear envelopes are clean, the items inside are visible from the outside, and they are easy to open; just make sure that you don’t fall in love with this envelope before you fall in love with that robot of yours. It might get jealous. And we all know what happens when robots start to form feelings …

Clear 12 x 18 Poly Plastic Envelopes are available with 3 closures. We carry button and string closure with 1 inch expansion, tuck flap closure with no expansion, and Hook & Loop Fastener Closure with no expansion.

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