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Grey Clasp & Open End Envelopes

Grey Clasp & Open End Envelopes

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Not another brown envelope…

Grey Clasp & Open End Envelopes provide the same strength, durability, and closure as a manila envelope. Just with a more refined color. The thick 28lb stock paper and smooth texture makes for a polished envelope. You probably send large documents more than you realize.Instead of running to the store each time you need one, buy a pack of these classy Grey Clasp or Open End Envelopes and save yourself the trouble.

Use a Grey Envelope to save important files. Those stacks of papers around your house, in your home office, on your desk at work. Give yourself more room and better organization by compiling these documents into a strong envelope that can hold it all. The metal clasp on the Clasp Envelopes keeps inner materials secure.

Grey Clasp and Open End Envelopes come in over 15 sizes, included envelopes as big as 22 x 27” for extra large items. You can send and store large items, like posters, without having to fold them up.

So be a little different, but still have an envelope that gets the job done.

Grey Clasp Envelopes (with gum) are available in:
9x12, 9 1/2 x 12 1/2, 10x13, & 16x20

Grey Clasp or no clasp (no gum) envelopes are available in:
6 x 9, 12 1/2 x 18 1/2, 14x18, 15x18, 17x22, 18x23, 20x25, 22x27

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