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Clasp & Open End Envelopes

  • Clasp & Open End Envelopes
    • Colored Clasp & Open End Envelopes

      Colored Clasp & Open End Envelopes

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      Grey Clasp & Open End Envelopes

    • Manila Envelopes - Clasp & Open End

      Manila Envelopes - Clasp & Open End

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    • Your business deserves the best, and with our Open End Envelopes your documents won't be harmed and your company's style will stay intact at the same time. Open End Envelopes can also be called clasp envelopes, the presentation envelope, even corporate envelopes. These quality envelopes open on the short side and are available with or without the metal clasp. All of our presentation envelopes are perfect for the office since most of our sizes fit the standard piece of paper. We've categorized by color so whether you want to stay neutral or have a pop of color in the office, it'll be easy to navigate to which one you'd like.

      When you click on our Colored Clasp & Open End Envelopes, you'll find that our slogan Every Color and Every Size is certainly met. With ten sizes to choose from and over triple that amount in colors, you'll certainly find the one to fit your office space (whether at home or at work). Our 10 x 13 Open End Envelopes have the most color choices since it's a very popular size. From Presidential Blue to Mandarin Orange, from Silver Stardream to Yellow Tyvek®, we have almost every shade imaginable. Or go neutral and professional with our Manila Envelopes. Want something in between the classic and unique? Try our Grey Clasp & Open End Envelopes that are sure to bring a little extra flair. So when you need the perfect envelope for your perfect office, choose open end.

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