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Brown 8 x 8 Square Envelopes

Brown 8 x 8 Square Envelopes

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Down-to-earth? Want your next invite to exemplify that personality trait of yours? This is seriously the perfect envelope for you. The name itself is EARTH Brown!

Synonyms for down-to-earth: natural (this color doesn't get more natural than this), matter-of-fact (it's an envelope, what else can we say?), balanced (it's square, same sides, balanced, boom), realistic (no, JAM isn't fooling you, this is an actual envelope). This is seriously the perfect envelope for you. Did we say that already?

Use this envelope to bring out that vibe, but also to be one unique person! Because these 8 x 8 Earth Brown Translucent Vellum Square Envelopes are only available at JAM paper! With the semi-transparency, your guests, clients, family, and friends will get a sneak peek at the invite, promotion, or announcement even before they open the envelope up!

So unless someone else picks these Brown 8 x 8 Square Envelopes, you're one unique down-to-earth, natural, matter-of-fact, balanced, realistic person. Wait, are you real?

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