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Brown 6 x 6 Square Envelopes

Brown 6 x 6 Square Envelopes

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Want to be as unsinkable as Molly Brown? Also known as the woman who survived the Titanic? These brown envelopes - matching her last name, if you didn’t get the relevance - may not be that life raft you need, but they will sure help you survive any kind of incident! Like that conference meeting you didn’t attend and now need to mail your boss a letter explaining why. He or she will take one look at the envelope and your conversation will go straight to “wow, where’d you get that awesome envelope?” instead of “wow, you’re totally fired”.

Speaking of the Titanic… if Rose and Jack had these envelopes, maybe they would’ve been able to hide their love with letters. It matched the sophistication of Rose’s first class and no one would’ve suspected a thing. So then maybe Jack wouldn’t have been handcuffed, which maybe would've made Rose save Jack quicker, which maybe would’ve let them both get on one of the boats instead of having to let only Rose float on that wooden door. Their love would have stay alive literally instead of figuratively JUST because of our brown envelopes. And we would’ve saved all of you an immense amount of sadness. JAM just blew your mind didn't we?

Brown 6 x 6 Square Envelopes are available in Chocolate Brown 100% Recycled, Brown Kraft Paper Bag 100% Recycled, Earth Brown Translucent Vellum, Copper Stardream Metallic, & Brown Kraft Photo Mailer.

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