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Brown 22 x 27 Envelopes

Brown 22 x 27 Envelopes

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Everyone likes to get under the covers at night and relax - this including your documents! And what better way to cover them up than with a big brown envelope like this one? These 22 x 27 Brown Envelopes are the perfect way to get every inch of your paper covered and warm for the night ahead. 

These brown envelopes won't just cover your documents (or whatever you decide to put inside of them). It will definitely protect your items too! The strong 28 lb paper will keep all of your content preserved for when they have to wake up in the morning and get out of their bed. In other words, they'll definitely get their beauty rest! And whether you decide on our clasp option or would rather go with a gum closure, either way your documents will be sealed to perfection. So make sure your documents will be well rested for when you present them to the world with these envelopes! 

Brown 22 x 27 Envelopes are available with or without a two-pronged clasp, both 28 lb. 

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