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Brown 13 x 18 Envelopes

Brown 13 x 18 Envelopes

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Got that amazing signed photograph of your sister’s favorite 80s celebrity for her birthday? Are you really, really afraid that sending it will ruin Kevin Bacon’s beautiful “Footloose” face that is absolutely impossible to get without thousands of dollars or the six degrees of Kevin Bacon? No worries! This brown envelope is perfect for photographs! They won’t bend like Kevin can in "Footloose", and they definitely won’t tear up the screen like that random actor did in the remake.

Use these envelopes to ensure a bend-free zone! I bet the Reverend would’ve loved these envelopes for that reason only! Because we all know that dancing is a form of sin (of course until the end of the movie where Kevin Bacon recites from the Bible – sorry for the spoiler but it’s an 80s movie so…). That photo of your little girl at prom (or at church) will be as lovely as the first time it was taken!

Now go kick off your Sunday shoes, and cut loose. There’s no need to worry, that Kevin Bacon signed photograph will be in tact when it gets to your sister!

Brown Kraft 100% Recycled 13 x 18 Stiff Photo Mailer Envelopes have Peel & Seal Closure. Also available in white & black.

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