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Brown 10 x 13 Envelopes

Brown 10 x 13 Envelopes

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So Wikipedia (the most reliable source on the internet) says that Disney's Pluto is yellowy-orange. Since JAM has an even more reliable group of writers, we agree that Pluto is brown. And we're even more sure that he would love these envelopes. He may want to lick them with that tongue of his that never seems to stay in his mouth, but Mickey will make sure that doesn't happen. Especially since Mickey keeps all of his memories of Pluto and his friends in these envelopes for safe keeping. And since Mickey has been around since the steamboat was popular, he sure has a lot of memories to store!

We always wondered why they had white gloves … like every Disney character. But we know that even with their enormous white gloves, Mickey's Clubhouse will easily be able to open these envelopes whether they choose with clasp or not. So don't even worry about having trouble with your regular hands. (Unless Mickey and friends are reading this ... sorry!)

Side note: if Pluto can't talk why can Goofy? They're both dogs aren't they?

Brown 10 x 13 Envelopes are available in:

10x13 Clasp: Chocolate Brown 100% Recycled, Brown Kraft Paper Bag 100% Recycled, Brown Kraft Manilla 28lb, Light Manila / Jute 32lb

10x13 Open End: Brown Kraft Paper Bag 100% Recycled, Stardream Metallic Copper, Rust, & Chocolate Brown Tyvek.

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