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Blue Tyvek® Envelopes - 10 x 13

Blue Tyvek® Envelopes - 10 x 13

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X-Men's ‘The Beast’ is all over this blue envelope. And it's not only because it matches his blue skin. Being a mutant, it's hard for the beast to get things that make sense to him. This envelope is extremely durable, so when he tries to open it, he doesn’t rip it to shreds like he usually does. It's tear-proof, so his hands don’t ever get in the way. And once he realized this envelope’s non-human strength, they became best friends. So much so that he uses this envelope as a shield when all of his enemies try to get in his way. From Magneto to Riptide, these two have the strength to beat anyone! 

Blue Tyvek® Envelopes have a peel and seal adhesive on the short side of the envelope that guarantees fast closure. Water-resistant, tear-proof and lightweight so that even the weakest X-Men can carry it. 

Blue Tyvek® Envelopes are 10 x 13. 

Use Tyvek® Envelopes and PROTECT WHAT'S INSIDE™.

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