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Envelopes - By Color > Black Envelopes > Black Envelopes - By Size > Black Letter Booklet Plastic Envelopes-9.75x11.75

Black Letter Booklet Plastic Envelopes-9.75x11.75

Black Letter Booklet Plastic Envelopes-9.75x11.75

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Are you going on a secret mission? Are you not allowed to tell anyone else, except the people on the other end of your headset? Are you sitting on your couch eating chips while doing this? Then you are most likely playing Call of Duty: Black Ops.

This black envelope will make your real life seem as mysterious as the guy who you’re controlling on the other end of that screen. It may even give off a tougher vibe than that ak47 you picked (because this envelope is actually tangible and that gun … well isn’t). Send these envelopes to your other black ops obsessed friends with tricks and tips to beat all of those campers that hide out and wait instead of actually playing the game. Tell them it will arrive in black and they will open it with the secrecy that the mysterious, underground color entails. Or store all of your own shortcuts you have for the game so that when you play live, you can back talk to all of your opponents with some legitimacy.

Not a black ops fan? Hand these envelopes to your kids that won’t get off your couch in time so you can watch Dancing with the Stars or the Voice. At first, they’ll love the color but when they open that letter telling them no COD for two weeks, get ready for an explosion. At least they will have the envelope to hold when they start crying!

Black Letter Booklet Plastic Poly Envelopes measure 9.75 x 11.75. Available with Button String, Elastic, or Hook & Loop closure.

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