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Envelopes - By Color > Black Envelopes > Black Envelopes - By Size > Black Legal Plastic Envelopes - 9.75x14.5

Black Legal Plastic Envelopes - 9.75x14.5

Black Legal Plastic Envelopes - 9.75x14.5

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Black is usually associated with villains and Marvel’s Venom definitely doesn’t reject this fact. His black being is as intimidating as that tongue of his! JAM members have been wondering what he would do with this matching colored envelope. This is what we picture:

He would either A. Attach it to himself, B. Bite it with his fangs, C. Throw a web at it or D. All of the above. We’re guessing you all won’t get as jealous of this black envelope and try to destroy it like Venom would. Venom may be able to stick to his victims but we definitely think you will stick with this envelope even more!

Send this envelope out to all Spiderman fans that think they can actually become Spiderman. Write some ways to defeat Venom in the envelope, and maybe add in an actual spider so it can bite them and they can go on pretending that eventually they will be the next Peter Parker. This black envelope may not look as intimidating as Venom but definitely is as strong as him, so use this envelope to win that next envelope faceoff! We all know you have those…

Black Legal Poly Booklet Plastic Envelopes measure 9.75 x 14.5. Available in an Opaque Black Poly with Button and String Closure.

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