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Black 5 x 5 Square Envelopes

Black 5 x 5 Square Envelopes

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We all know that when you cross paths with a black cat, you're going to have some bad luck coming your way. Yet, when you get this black envelope, we assure you that all it will bring is luck (unless you walk under a ladder or break a mirror right before buying it). 

These black envelopes are perfect to send out when you think everything is going wrong with that black tie event you're about to throw. Once you send them out, and your guests open the envelope, they will be so excited to go that they won't even care if the food isn't up to par. All they will be thinking about is that black envelope that they want for their black tie event. If you are going for a less fancy event, choose this envelope for your next Halloween party! Your guests will get the same reaction! And when you totally forget about the drinks, someone will walk in with a cooler the size of your door (actually slightly smaller so it can fit through). 

Never underestimate the color black! Cats may make it unlucky, but grab one of these and it will definitely boost your confidence, which will then give off some good vibes, which will then get you very lucky! It's all about the Universe (but first, these black envelopes). 

Black 5 x 5 Square Envelopes are available in a linen finish. Sold individually so you can order the quantity you need!

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