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Black 15 x 18 Envelopes

Black 15 x 18 Envelopes

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Blacklist. Black market. Blackfish. All of these things are negative things. One is when you ostracize a group of people for some reason, another is illegal and the last one is the saddest documentary ever (watch it and never go to Sea World again). But this envelope is the total opposite:

This black envelope is definitely legal, will make you so popular that you'd never be blacklisted, and can send documentaries but will never actually be one. It might be black and dark, but mystery is always a good thing (ask any single girl). 

Store all of your legal advice in here, your how-to's to get that popularity you always dreamed of having, and/or a list of what documentaries to watch (Dear Zachary should be on there too). This might be a weird combination but if you watch Blackfish (which should be on your list) and start talking about it, you'll be popular. And then when you want to help those Sea World animals, you need all the legal advice you can get to actually help them. You're welcome.

This black envelope can get you to the top of the food chain and keep you there! It will never be seen as a negative colored envelope again! 

Black 15 x 18 Envelopes are made from a smooth black paper. Envelopes open on the shorter side and have a gum closure.

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