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White Money Envelopes - 3 x 6 11/16

White Money Envelopes - 3 x 6 11/16

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Show me the money! With these priceless White Money Envelopes you can show the money, store the money or even hide the money. The simple yet classic white won't be noticed by many so you can hide your stash nicely. At the same time, you'll surely recognize the quality once you take a hold of one! 

Perfect for… you guessed it, money, these strategically shaped money envelopes are just what you need when it comes to storing or sending the bills. Whether it be basic transactions, a trip to the bank or maybe a generous gift to a friend, a white 3 x 6.6875 envelope helps you keep organized and in check with your cash ... and checks. 

White Money Envelopes - 3 x 6 11/16 are available in a classic white. They feature a rectangular gummed flap and can be ordered in quantities of 25. Or when you have a large business that needs the perfect envelope, save some money and go for our bulk packages of 1000. 

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