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Purple 9 x 12 Envelopes

Purple 9 x 12 Envelopes

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Primary colors are so last millennium. Use our purple envelopes to be in this century's trends! Just look at all of the businesses using purple: Yahoo! Hallmark, Taco Bell, half of FedEx.

These envelopes will definitely express your elitist attitude. You'll now know how to search, write sappy cards, pick out a great taco, semi know how to send things. Purple is the perfect choice when you are trying to get to the top. All of those business we've mentioned, just look at their success. It isn't because they knew how to be successful in business, it's totally because they picked purple for their logos.

Purple is the way to go for sending envelopes out to all of your clients. So pretend that purple is so this year instead of what it really is (so 15th century BC).

Purple 9x12 Envelopes available in 3 styles: Open End with Clasp, Open End without clasp, & Booklet.

9 x 12 clasp - Violet

9 x 12 open end (no clasp) - Dark Purple

9 x 12 Booklet - Dark Purple, Translucent Wisteria Purple, & Translucent Primary Blue

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