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Clear 8 x 8 Square Envelopes

Clear 8 x 8 Square Envelopes

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Cinderella lost her glass shoe because she almost stayed past curfew. We were surprised that Prince Charming saw it, but he had to or else they would have never lived happily ever after (and every Disney princess movie needs a happy ending). Good thing she didn’t drop this clear envelope, who knows if Prince Charming would have had such sharp eyes.

Use this clear envelope to send your flyer to all of the women in town so that they come to your next glass shoe fitting. Yes, unfortunately Cinderella’s feet got bigger so Prince Charming dumped her. Wait, you didn’t hear about that?! Send a letter to all of your friends explaining the bad news. Or good news, depending on if you want Prince Charming or not. Make sure to use this clear envelope so that your inner glass shoe comes out even before you go to the fitting. Good luck! JAM just hopes your feet doesn’t grow.

Clear 8x8 Square Envelopes are available in clear translucent vellum.

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