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7 x 7 Square Envelopes

  • 7 x 7 Square Envelopes
    • Clear 7 x 7 Square Envelopes

      Clear 7 x 7 Square Envelopes

    • White 7 x 7 Square Envelopes

      White 7 x 7 Square Envelopes

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    • You'll certainly be in seventh heaven once you grab hold of these unique 7 x 7 Square Envelopes. A great alternative to the standard rectangular envelope, these square envelopes will surely make a statement while perfectly holding your invitation, letter, announcement, or card. One-of-a-kind and a hard find anywhere else, JAM gives you an envelope that is as modern as it gets.

      Square Envelopes are commonly used for unique invitations and hard-to-fit advertisements. Square up your business competitors with our envelopes, sure to give you an edge on the competition. Or use these square envelopes to differentiate your wedding invites from the rest during the wedding season. The distinctive square flap and balanced look makes all your content seemed perfectly contemporary. Additional postage is required for square envelopes since they are so unique, but don't let that stop you from covering your content beautifully! Try our Clear 7 x 7 Envelopes to let all of your guests, potential clients, or family members get a hint of what's inside before even opening the modern straight flap. Our White 7 x 7 Envelopes come in two different shades (White and White Translucent Vellum) to make sure that you get a clean and pristine look. So shop square today!