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White 6 x 8 Envelopes

White 6 x 8 Envelopes

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Feeling great with 6 x 8! Plenty of room and plenty of style, let these White 6 x 8 Envelopes carry your mail and photographs home.

Available in both paper and cardboard options, these white mailers are sure to get the job done with ease. Green, Gold and Silver foil lined styles make for great invitation envelopes, whether that's for a wedding, holiday party, or birthday bash. Your recipient might think it's a regular 6 x 8 envelope, but when they open it up, they'll be pleasantly surprised with the shine and elegance of our foil lining. 

And if safety is your main concern, upgrade to a sturdier cardboard mailer. These mailers are perfect for sending photographs or documents that should not be bent in any way. With the durable cardboard, your picture will look as good as when you took it! 

White Foil Lined Envelopes measure in at 6 x 8 and feature a gum closure while our White Cardboard Mailers feature a self adhesive peel and seal closure. Order in increments of 25 or in bulk up to 1000 or more.

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