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Clear 4 x 6 Envelopes

Clear 4 x 6 Envelopes

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“Curses! Foiled again!” HA! These super villains have nothing on JAM’s foil envelope! They’ve tried to match its translucence combined with its futuristic tint but they have failed miserably! We really want to start evil laughing, but we have to remind ourselves that we’re the super heroes here, not the villians. 

These envelopes are perfect for those photos of that one time (not in band camp) when you saved the day! It will remind you of the villains you defeated since the phrase “foiled again” is such a classic one! Better yet, send this envelope to your villains (also known as your business competition) to foreshadow the phrase they will soon say once you do beat them. Maybe it’ll scare them off so much that they will give up trying. Hey, it's worth a shot, right? 

Clear 4x6 Envelopes are made of a see through foil. These envelopes also feature a zip style closure!

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