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Clear 4 1/8 x 6 Envelopes

Clear 4 1/8 x 6 Envelopes

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So of course we have Mister Fantastic, The Thing and the Human Torch. But we all have to admit, The Invisible Woman also known as Mrs. Fantastic is the best looking out of the bunch. Unless you know, rocks are your “thing”. Marvel’s The Invisible Woman knows how to look good and be invisible at the same time. And if you had to know, she got the idea from our clear envelopes.

Sleek and stylish, this clear envelope is perfect for collecting all of those photos with your own “Fantastic Four”, or fabulous five, or slick six, or savvy seven. Want to brag about all of those villains you defeated? Put all of their names in this envelope, watch it expand, and show all of your friends! These clear envelopes are perfect for showing off or hiding – either way you’ll seem like the Invisible Woman! Who doesn't want to be like her? AKA Jessica Alba. Yeah, exactly.

Clear 4.125 x 6 Poly Plastic Envelopes have a tuck flap closure and close on the small side of the envelope.

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