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Brown 12 x 15 1/2 Envelopes

Brown 12 x 15 1/2 Envelopes

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What are the two best looking animals on the farm? Brown chicken, brown cow.

These brown envelopes may not be the funniest (or the corniest) on the website, but they sure get the job done! Are you a teacher that needs to make children laugh at your jokes since it's really difficult to get their attention any other way (other than the "I'm calling the principal" line)? Need to seem punctual on the outside so that the kids don't get super excited about joke time and really never do any work? Place your jokes in these envelopes in order to trick them into being that professional teacher that everyone is frightened of, because respect is key. Then take them out slyly on Fridays when you're totally done with the week too! These envelopes are perfect for that professional look even if you have some jokes inside you.

Side note: if you didn't understand that first joke, say the punch line a little quicker. Yep, there it is.

Brown 12 x 15 1/2 Envelopes available in 4 styles: Chocolate Brown 100% Recycled Clasp, Jute 32lb Clasp, and Brown Kraft 28lb Open End and Self Seal.

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