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We bet that your presentation is amazing. We know you worked so hard on it and it took you years to perfect (or maybe a few days). But now it's time for the final step. The. Portfolio. (crowd goes "oooooo"). Everyone needs a good portfolio for that presentation we've been talking about for the last few sentences. These letter booklet portfolios are great to store your presentation, manuscript, essay, or other important documents you're deathly afraid you might misplace. 

And to present that presentation we've been incessantly talking about, you need a good meal beforehand (unless you are prone to throwing up in front of people.) If you are not one of those people, these lunch boxes are the perfect fit! With a cool buckle closure, your protein filled meal will be safe and secure. Don’t forget a banana! Supposedly that’s good for energy. And you need that for that presentation we talked about all of this description. Hopefully anyone reading this is actually going to make a presentation, otherwise … awkward.

Letter Booklet Portfolio (9.5 x 12.375) available in clear frost tuck flap, clear grid tuck flap, and blue plastic snap.  

Lunchboxes (7 x 7 x 3) available in Orange and Purple.

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