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Closeout Metallic Foldover Cards

Closeout Metallic Foldover Cards

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Family is always looking for homemade cards so that they can keep them in their memory box and look back and smile. You, on the other hand, could honestly care less and would rather spend money on an already made card that doesn't take any effort. Well these foldover cards will be that perfect compromise. 

Your family will appreciate the great metallic shine so much that all you need for a message is a cool “Yo, Happy Birthday to you bro. Love, me.” They will still feel special and put it in their memory box even if the “time” you took was just a little longer than it would have been if you one with a message already written.

Or if you REALLY want to get on grandma’s good side this year, write as much as you want! These empty foldover cards give you all the room you need. Grandma might not remember much anymore, but she will sure remember that metallic card from her (now) favorite grandchild. Think about it this way: getting $100 more at Christmas time because of this one card that took you maybe twenty minutes – definitely a good deal!

Closeout Metallic Foldover Cards are available in A2, A6, A7, & 5 3/4 square. These are now available as a closeout, because most colors no longer have matching color envelopes available.

These are now available at HALF the original cost!

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