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Square Closeout Envelopes

  • Square Closeout Envelopes
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    • When you want a great envelope and an even greater deal, our Square Closeout Envelopes will fit both requirements. Square Envelopes scream unique and are perfect for those hard-to-fit invitations or specifically sized advertisements. And when you want something affordable all the while keeping that perfect style, Closeout envelopes are your best bet. Our Closeout Envelopes are here for a number of reasons from a color discontinuation or even a name change.

      Our Square Closeout Envelopes come in a variety of styles, from Foil Lined to Groove finishes, from White to Cherry. Want to add some sparkle into the mix? Try our Square Stardream & Curious Closeout Envelopes! In over 20 different colors, each one will give your envelope some added shimmer and shine. We even have envelopes that feature a metallic wave design! Would you rather make your envelope semi-translucent? Try our Translucent Square Closeouts. With colors you can't find anywhere else (like Candy Peach or Racing Green) to the balanced, modern look of the square sizes, you'll be sure to find the perfect envelope for your occasion. Want your envelope to avoid color at all costs? Go for our Clear Translucent Overstock Envelopes. With our wide variety of square envelopes combined with the great deals that tag along, your invitations, greeting cards, letters, or photographs will be covered in style and not hurt your wallet either! So why wouldn't you want to start shopping?