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A10 Translucent Closeout Envelopes

A10 Translucent Closeout Envelopes

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Transition to translucent! A10 Translucent Closeout Envelopes are big, bold and available in a variety of awesome colors! Surprise your recipient with one of these colorful translucent envelopes and they’ll be sure to notice it first over those plain old dull envelopes.

A10 Translucent Envelopes are great for birthday cards, invitations, photos, announcements or any other larger type messages you’d like to send. These 6 x 9 1/2 Closeout Envelopes are spacious enough to fit the largest of invites, letters, or flyers. The translucent feature allows your guests to guess at what's inside and then be too excited to try and figure it out! 

A10 Translucent Envelopes measure in at 6 x 9 1/2 and ship in quantities of 25. They are currently available in over 15 colors! From Translucent White Cloud to Translucent Hunter Green, our variety will match any theme, or maybe even inspire one! 

Items can be listed on closeout for many reasons from color discontinuations to name changes; the envelopes themselves are of high quality! 

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