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4 Bar Closeout Envelopes

4 Bar Closeout Envelopes

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Looking for a simple, cheap and elegant envelope? 4 Bar Closeout Envelopes are great for invitations, letters or announcements. From v-flaps to straight flaps, from bright colors to classic white shades, our variety is great. For smaller envelopes but a big statement, choose 4bar. 

Perfect to buy in bulk, 4 Bar Closeout Envelopes (that measure out to be 3 5/8 x 5 1/8 inches) are available in over five different colors and ship in quantities of 1,000. This quantity will make sure that you get the most out of your money, and the least out of your wallet! 

Now, I know you might read the word closeout and wonder, “What’s wrong with these envelopes?” Don’t worry; nothing is wrong with these envelopes. Closeout can mean a number of things; such as a discontinued color or simply the item stock number changing, so fear not, these are perfectly normal envelopes. In fact, they’re better than normal because the prices are even less!

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