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12 View Presentation Book

12 View Presentation Book

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Okay, so you haven't been doing well on that one English course you needed to take for college: European Romanticism in the 18th Century. You thought it was going to be about romance, but instead found yourself delving into poems about nature and nationalism. You have one more chance to not fail the class... and this is it. 

Our presentation book will definitely help you with the sympathy card. Your professor will think: at least they tried to make it professional and presentable (even if you're still talking about Twilight in relation to Byron, or Disney Princesses with Mary Shelley). Being able to present your essay in this book will allow your professor to maybe look past those grammar mistakes or that horrible thesis. Get that D instead of that F so you don’t have to take it again! This presentation book may not guarantee that, but it will definitely make it look better!  

12 View Presentation Book. 1 Letter Size Presentation Book holds 8 1/2 x 11 documents. 

Also display on the cover! 

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