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    • If you want quality products at a lesser price, and if you love deals and bargains, you've certainly arrived to the best page on the website. We've made this page just for you because we all know that saving is a part of everyone's vocabulary. With over twenty categories to choose from, you'll certainly find a great deal inside. Closeouts are usually created because of discontinued items and sometimes even name changes. This doesn't mean they are of lesser quality, just that we're running out of the awesome products.

      Our Closeout Envelopes full of variety, most of the selection features the most popular envelope sizes too! This way, you'll be able to use them for any kind of situation, not specific ones. As you flip through the choices, you'll see that we sell by bulk. This way, you'll get quality and quantity at the same time. But it doesn't stop there! We have many different supplies to fit your office space and not take away from your wallet. Try our Foldover Cards when you want to wish a happy holiday but don't have that big budget. Or try out our Closeout Portfolios for when you need to protect your presentations. Need to wrap your gifts but spent too much on the gift itself? Try our Closeout Wrapping Paper. Start shopping and start saving now!