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Cards with Rounded Edge

  • Cards with Rounded Edge
    • White Rounded Edge Set

      White Rounded Edge Set

    • Ivory Rounded Edge Set

      Ivory Rounded Edge Set

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    • You don't realize how square typical stationery is until you meet the alternative. Our wedding invitations with rounded edge have all the style and sophistication of your typical stationery but with an edge... a rounded edge, that is. The sweet, soft edges will bring beauty and elegance into your invitations and the simple background will keep your invitation details like the date, location, and time most important. Our invitation sets come in three different sizes: from large, small, or a combination of both. So whether you want just an invitation sent out, just the RSVP card sent out, or a combination of both is up to you. These all are compatible with most standard home printers, so you're in charge of how the invitations come out!

      Our White Rounded Edge Set is great for when you want to match the theme of your pure, white wedding. Available in either blue or aqua lined envelopes, they will be able to match a beach themed wedding too! Going for a more sophisticated wedding? Try our Ivory Rounded Edge Set. These feature a light blue and navy blue lined envelope option for a more subtle look. Make sure that your invitation stands out. Instead of those sharp edges, try rounded!