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Strathmore Cards and Envelopes

Strathmore Cards and Envelopes

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Want to add some class into your invitations? Well, let me ask you this question. What sounds classier than 'Strathmore'? There's your answer. 

When you get a hand of these blank card and envelope sets, your sophistication will rise tremendously. They bring subtly, class, and elegance into any kind of event. From your wedding to your anniversary party to even a birthday dinner, these flat cards and envelopes will make your guests assume the best. Along with the wove finish that will bring that extra intrigue into the mix all the while keeping your event poised and clean. Stay classy San Diego (and any other city in America) with Strathmore Cards and Envelopes. 

Available card sizes: 3 Drug, 4 Bar, A2, A6, and A7. These cards come with matching envelopes, in the same colors and sizes! 

Please note, these cards and envelopes are sold separately.

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