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Kraft Paper Wine Bags

Kraft Paper Wine Bags

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When you want your wine to speak for itself, but don't want to carry it through that long driveway, these Kraft Paper Wine Bags are certainly for you. The simple design of the white or brown kraft, mixed with the simple yet matching handle will cover your wine nicely and give you that natural, simple, and sweet look you are looking for. 

And the cool part about these wine bags is that you can label them any way you want. Color them with the name of the recipient or make a cool design for the occasion. Ornaments for Christmas time wine, flowers for your friend's birthday presents, even all pink for that bachelorette party. Whether you want it simple or want to dress it up yourself, kraft paper wine bags will come to your rescue! 

These bags are available in white and brown kraft and measure 5 1/4 x 3 1/2 x 13 inches. They are also 100% recycled and made in the good old USA. 

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