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Glossy Wine Bags

Glossy Wine Bags

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You definitely won't be able to gloss over these glossy wine bags! The shine will catch anyone's eye, even from a mile away. This wine bag will make everyone stop right in their tracks at that big block party you're about to attend. No one will care about those great BBQ smells or those awesome fireworks. They’ll catch a glimpse of the wine bag and not care about anything else. (Some may be saying why would you bring wine to a block party but you can totally put water in here too, and other stuff…)

Some people may think that white and black are too neutral to be noticed, but the glossy finish of these wine bags will prove that theory wrong. Bring this wine gift bag to your next party and you will definitely be the center of attention!

Glossy Wine Bags are 12 3/4 x 5 x 4 and hold 1 bottle of wine.

Available in White Glossy and Black Glossy. The black bags have a ridge texture.

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