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Gift Bags > Heavy Duty Matte Recycled Kraft Bags

Heavy Duty Matte Recycled Kraft Bags

Heavy Duty Matte Recycled Kraft Bags

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If you have a heavy gift to deliver or are just plain tired of weak gift bags, our Heavy Duty Matte Recycled Kraft Bags are perfect for you! But these bags aren't just heavy duty, aren't just in a stylish matte finish, aren't just a gift bag. These bags are (drum roll please) recycled! With 30 percent recycled content, you'll be helping the environment all the while keeping everyone happy! 

Our heavy duty gift bags aren't just sturdy, they're SUPER sturdy and can withstand any superhero villain. From the Joker to Bizarro to the Green Goblin, they'll all fall trying to ruin these bags! So when you want to store a large and heavier gift that cannot break, choose one from the collection.

In five sizes from medium to jumbo, you'll be able to fit a variety of different sized gifts. And our collection of colors will create more excitement than we can describe. From black to white, from red to navy, you'll have a classy bag to bring home to mom. 

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