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Silver Wine Bags

Silver Wine Bags

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Hand your wine on a silver platter. Excuse us, we mean silver wine bag! The luxury and elegance of these silver shades and designs will make all of your recipients feel the same sophistication. Wine is a great gift for the holiday season or when the birthday guy or gal is obsessed with it. So use these silvery sacks to hold your wine and decorate it at the same time. The strong handles will make it easy for you to hold your heavy wine and handing it off will be even easier. You'll see a shining smile on everyone's face once you hand it off, even shinier than the silver itself! 

Silver Wine Bags are available in four styles:

- Plain Foil
- Vertical Pinstripe Foil
- Diagonal Pinstripe Foil
- Sheer

Please note: Only the Pinstripe options come with a gift tag.

All Silver Wine Bags can comfortably hold a standard size bottle of wine (no fat bottles).

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