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Gold Wine Bags

Gold Wine Bags

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Dress up that wine bottle and make sure it looks good! What better way to compliment a fine red or sweet white than with an even sweeter golden wine bag?

The gold shades are great for the holiday season, regal birthday events, and even banquets where you want to get your boss something fancy (hey, it might get you a raise). And the assortment of designs to choose from will bring shine to any and every kind of occasion. 

Available in an orderly vertical pinstripe, a zainy diagonal or an elegant gold sheer option; choose the bag that best fits your style. The first two bags feature simple string handles with a mini card to write a small and genuine thank you note. The sheer organza bag has a smooth drawstring for easy opening and closing (great for when your guest wants the wine right away!). Whether it's last minute or planned out, these Gold Wine Bags will make your recipient extra happy. 

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