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It isn’t often you can fit every possible mold of a demographic for a television show, but as a 22 year old recent college graduate working for a family owned paper company, I don’t really see how “The Office” could possibly relate to my life more. Just about the only difference is I don’t live in Scranton, PA. But that’s okay, because I love “the Office” and I love the JAM Paper Office. So what better way to celebrate a Friday than to share some of my favorite paper related quotes from my favorite paper related show?



Just think about it…

So where does paper come from? To get to the bottom of this, let’s ask the Assistant (to the)Regional Manager, Dwight Schrute.


Dwight: Listen up. Let’s start… from the ground up. Where does paper come from?
Kevin: [at the same time as Dwight] Trees.
Dwight: Trees! And where do trees grow?
Kevin: [at the same time as Dwight] Forest.
Dwight: Soil. Right.


Business Student #1: “Sir, as a company that primary distributes paper, how have you adapted your business model to function in an increasingly paperless world?”

Michael Scott: “We can’t overestimate the value of computers. Yes, they are great for playing games and forwarding funny emails, but real business is done on paper. Okay?” Write that down. [whole class types it on their laptops]


“I can’t say whether Dunder-Mifflin paper is less flammable, sir. But I can assure you that it is certainly not more flammable.”


“You hear stories about Dunder Mifflin in the 80’s, before everybody knew how bad cocaine was. Gyah… man, did they move paper!”


“My job is to speak to clients on the phone about quantities and type of copier paper. You know, whether we can supply it to them. Whether they can pay for it…and im boring myself just talking about this.”


Michael Scott: “It is… a message. It is an inspiration, it is… a source of beauty. And without paper, it could not have happened… Unless, you had a camera.”

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