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Looking for high quality and low prices? Shop our exclusive closeout envelopes and get exactly what you are looking for! Add a dash of something new and get people excited the next time they receive something from you in the mail. Whether you are trying to find a home for wedding invitations, birthday cards, or thank you notes, our envelopes will help you give the exact impression you are going for.

Here are some of my favorite discount envelopes!

A7 Envelopes

 color envelopes

Don’t you hate when you finally find the perfect card but it comes with such a boring envelope? Now you don’t have to rummage through the stand searching for an envelope that doesn’t quite go. Don’t settle! Whether you’re sending birthday cards or letters to your kids in summer camp, A7 envelopes are a match made in Heaven for any card.

Foil Envelopes with Silver Film Print

foil envelopes

Give your mail some pizzazz with foil envelopes. Are you screening your first film? Or throwing a movie star/Hollywood themed party? Then these are the perfect envelopes for your invites. Give your guests a preview of what’s to come!

Plastic Two-Tone Legal Envelopes with Snap

plastic legal

I love plastic envelopes for storing items I use on a daily basis. From coupons to scrapbook supplies, these are durable and won’t tire from over use.

A2 Stardream & Curious Envelopes 


These Stardream & Curious Envelopes have a cool texture and alluring shimmer. Send out your party invitations or big announcements in these envelopes, they will liven up anyone’s mail pile and will be the first thing your friends and family chose to open.

First Class Open End Envelopes

first class open end

Brown kraft paper is so in! Not only does it look like you’re doing Mother Earth a great service but you actually are. Kraft Paper is environmentally friendly. Never bend important documents again, just place them inside and prepare them for a safe, first class ride.



Translucent Envelopes


Don’t worry! No one will see what your are sending in these semi translucent envelopes. They show just enough to draw you in yet too little for wondering eyes to peak.

#10 Envelopes

A10 Envelopes

Love communicating with your friends and family the old-fashion way? Or is your business seeking envelopes that will make it stand out from the rest? Keep up tradition with our standard size business envelopes with contemporary colors. These come in whites, creams, and calm pastels. These won’t ruffle any feathers and will get that double take you were hoping for.

Would you ever think you could get so many great closeout envelopes at such amazing prices? Pick your jaw off the ground, these envelopes are up for grabs!


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