8 Things I’ve Written Down on my Bedside Notecube


I have a JAM notecube next to my bed, because I use the phrase “take your work home with you” very liberally. I have a tendency to get stressed and write down extensive to-do lists and elaborate ideas on my note cube, particularly in the middle of the night, possibly still while I am asleep. Here are a few things I have found written down on discarded notes scattered around my bedside table, in no particular order.


1. “Exercise ” – This isn’t weird, unless you consider the fact that it’s written on each and every note, every day.


2. “Carbon Monoxide Detector ”  –  I don’t know whether this is reminding me to buy one or change the batteries in one, but either way, I am concerned for my life.


3. “Self-Replicating 3D Printer = SCARY”  –  apparently I am concerned by machines that can reproduce.


4. “Pandora’s Lunchbox”  – this is either the name of a book I want to read or a great name for a restaurant.


5. “Make Vegan Nutella”  – for the record, I did make that vegan Nutella, and it was delicious.


6. “Pro   |     Con”  – There is nothing listed and no topic written down. I guess I’ll never know if I made the right decision… or if I made the decision at all.”


7. “Wake up at 6:30 AM”  –  That’s not how alarm clocks work.


8. “Exercise” – I’m listing it twice, because one time I listed it twice on the same note.


So if you’d like to be as on top of your life as I undoubtedly am, get yourself a notecube and watch the great ideas come pouring out of you!

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Kate Pochini

Kate Pochini is a NY Times best selling novel reader and zero time Pulitzer Prize winner. She lives in New Jersey with her parents.
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  • Recently I went back through an old notebook from my bedside table … I laughed so hard because, the cryptic notes meant absolutely nothing to me. Now, in my defense, the notebook was from two years ago but, still you would think I would have had some ideas what I was talking about! :)

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