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Small Spools of Curling Ribbon

Small Spools of Curling Ribbon

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That's a wrap! You've finally finished wrapping that present of yours, but you need just one more thing - this curling ribbon! The final touches sometimes make or break a present, just like the last scene of a movie. With this ribbon, you'll definitely not be breaking anything any time soon (unless you're breaking the best wrapping record). Small but surely special, this ribbon is a great accessory for a clean finish. Tie these on your gifts, curl them up right, wipe your forehead, and let out a deep breath. Because you're finally done! Woo! 

Great for the holiday season, these red and green spool of ribbon will make anyone feel festive - even Scrooge himself. No one wants to finish the holiday season off with bad ratings. So if you want to finish your wrapping off with a bang, this ribbon is for you! (Now the credits can start rolling.)

Small Spools of Curling Ribbon available in Green, Red, Metallic Red.

Red and Green curling ribbon spools are 16.6 yards. 

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