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Purple Twine

Purple Twine

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Purple Twine might not send chills down your spine, but is sure to make your gifts look super fine. The twisted twine makes for a strong and sturdy wrap all the while keeping your style intact. And the purple shades are what will make the gift as sweet as the reveal itself. 

Use twine for any kind of purpose! From tying your loose newspapers together to tying balloons together, from tying a party favor together to tying your box of cookies together, this twine is sure to give you the durability, structure, and sweet touch to all of your belongings. And who can say they dislike purple? No one according to JAM, the experts in color. So whether you're crafting, decorating, or wrapping, each of those activities are begging for some purple twine! 

Purple Twine is available in two different styles: 

Purple Kraft Ribbon measuring at 25 yards: Light Purple.

Purple Baker's Twine measuring at 109 yards: Purple and White. 

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