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Green Wide Ribbon

Green Wide Ribbon

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It’s rumored that crafters, gift wrappers and artists alike come from far and wide to catch a glimpse of this pristine Green Wide Ribbon. The best part about this, is that it's not like the Mona Lisa. People don't crowd around it, take a picture, and leave. This ribbon is accessible to everyone! We named our ribbon wide for a reason. In two inches wide, two and a half inches, and three inches wide, these thick head turners will be the perfect accessory to make the perfect statement into anything it touches.

Use our Green Wide Ribbon for crafts for Christmas, presents for the holidays and birthdays, or decorations for your awesome St. Patrick's day parties! 

Green Wide Ribbon is available in 3 yard spools: Green with Gold Trim and Green Glitter. 

Also available in 10 yard spools: Green Merry Christmas (perfect for the holiday season! Because what says Merry Christmas more than those words themselves?) 

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