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Blue Curling Ribbon

Blue Curling Ribbon

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Curling ribbon is a necessity for all gifts and parties. But BLUE curling ribbon? Well, can you get any better? (That was rhetorical, but we will answer anyway. No, you cannot). 

Use our curling ribbon for any kind of purpose. The versatility of this ribbon is basically endless! From tying together your birthday presents to making extra curls in your hair. From tying together your birthday balloons to making the best craft in the whole wide world. Blue Curling Ribbon is sure to make all of your items shine bright. From metallic to grid textures, our assortment of ribbon will make your smile as bright as the actual curls will! So instead of stressing over decorating your gifts, why not take the easy route and choose to curl them up! 

Blue Curling Ribbon comes in two styles:

1 spool of 250 yards: Metallic Blue.

1 Ribbon Egg of 66 feet: Blue Grid, Blue, and Dark Blue.

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