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Large Spools of Curling Ribbon

Large Spools of Curling Ribbon

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If you want to feel larger than life you'll use these large spools of ribbon. Whether you are using it for gift wrapping, arts & crafts, or even hair accessories this ribbon will make you feel special and confident. That larger than life attitude might get to your head if you keep using this ribbon, but we never see that as a bad thing. 

And when you realize that this ribbon curls to perfection, you'll absolutely feel like that Backstreet Boys top hit. All you people can't you see, can’t you see that this ribbon is the way to go when you want to wrap your gift? The curls, the colors and the creativity will make your present presentable, pretty and perfect. (Alliteration is not included in the ribbon.)

With 20 colors to choose from, this bright and beautiful curling ribbon will not disappoint. From 90 to 300 yards - you won't run out any time soon! 

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