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Whether you’re in a parade, going to a wedding, or in need of distracting that awkward moment, this confetti is for you! Parades aren’t fun without confetti. You need to make a colorful mess in order for anything to be even considered parade-able. Weddings don’t make sense without confetti. If the bride and groom walk out of the church without anything thrown at them, it’s bad luck (or so they say).

And those awkward moments would just stay awkward without confetti. Imagine an awkward moment, those crickets going, and you just throw this box of confetti everywhere. If there isn’t a laugh, then slapstick humor is the way to go. Sorry for the injuries in advance.

So color up any situation in life with this box of confetti. The colors will make anyone happy and feel like it’s finally a parade, wedding or non-awkward moment. 

A box of confetti weighs 0.5 ounces. Includes Lime Green, Blue, Lilac, & Fuchsia circles.

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