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Christmas Gift Wrapping Embellishments

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    • The holidays are all about decorating, from your Christmas tree to your Christmas presents to your Christmas crafts. These Christmas Gift Wrapping Embellishments will do exactly what the title says: embellish, decorate, beautify, everything they touch. All of our embellishments are covered in glitter to make everything glisten and gleam all the way to New Year's. And with over five different designs to choose from, all easy to navigate through, you'll let your Christmas spirit shine brighter than the North Star.

      Want to express your desire for a White Christmas? Try our Snowflake or Icicles Gift Wrapping Embellishments. Our snowflakes come in over ten different colors and designs. So whether you want to use the same size and same color or you want to mix it up with green, red, pink, and purple – that's up to you! Our icicles vary with even more colors to choose from! Glitter or shiny, clear or gold, we have it all. Want to light up your Christmas presents? Try hanging our Christmas Light Gift Wrapping Embellishments on your gifts! This way your gift will be seen in even the biggest pile of gifts. All of our embellishments will bring a new spirit into gift giving. Make your holiday special this year and start shopping!