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Product Samples


The procedure to request samples is as follows:

1) If the item(s) you are interested in seeing are sold in increments of 25 or more and are not in the close out section of the site, paper samples are available for color and quality. To order a sample, go to the page where the product you are interested in is on, choose the envelope size and color (this is to be done first or you will not be able to proceed any further) and then under the window where the picture of the envelope appears, click the link that says: "Request Color Sample". Your free sample will be added to your shopping bag.

You will be able to add up to 5 free color samples. If you provide a UPS or FedEx number, JAM Paper will not charge for shipping. If you do not have a UPS or FedEx number, please select to have your samples ship via U.S. mail and you will be charged $3.25 for postage, packaging and handling. If you select UPS, and do not provide an account number, shipping charges will be higher than they would be if you had selected U.S. mail.

2) If the item(s) you are interested in are sold individually, you will need to purchase your samples since there is no minimum order. As always, you are welcome to use your Federal Express or your United Parcel Service account number for the shipment.

3) If the items are envelopes from the closeout area, then you may go to the "Contact Us" portion of the site and request for someone to send a sample for you to review.

4) If the item(s) are in the custom area, the only way to determine price, lead time and / or to request a sample is to go to the "Quote Request" section and provide us with the specific details of what you are interested in.

We thank you for interest in JAM Paper Products.