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Paper & Cardstock > Onion Skin Invitation Tissue Overlay Paper

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Onion Skin Invitation Tissue Overlay Paper

Onion Skin Invitation Tissue Overlay Paper

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Did you know that ogres are like onions because they both have layers? Well if you've never seen Shrek, we guess you wouldn't know. But, it's true. You know what else is like an onion? Our Onion Paper! It’s so lightweight that it seems like a layer of onion! And it’s so beautiful that it may make you cry too. But unlike a regular onion, it won’t get brown in the sunlight. We all know how worried you were about that one. 

Onion Paper has a rustic, natural look and feel and is an awesome alternative to everyday paper. It's light material, that makes it differ from regular paper, is a great way to layer your wedding invites. It will protect your invites, but will also compliment them as well.

If you weren’t invited to Shrek’s wedding with Princess Fiona (ouch, sorry), they used this paper for their wedding invitations! And so many people showed up because of the onion paper alone! Because again, ogres are like onions. NOT cake. Or parfaits like Donkey couldn’t shut up about.

Onion Paper comes with 40-50 sheets per pack and is available in 6x9, 8 x 10, and 9 x 12.

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