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Paper Cutters

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So scissors are totally fine until you stop paying attention, stop cutting in a straight line, and then accidently cut yourself with the dangerous thing. Here at JAM, we have the perfect solution for when you decide laziness starts to win over perfection. Our Paper Cutter will leave all of those behind. If you, for some reason, stop paying attention it won't matter! That straight line is only possible with our paper cutter anyway, and that fear of scissors will diminish. You know what they say "don't run with scissors". Did they ever say "don't run with a JAM Paper Cutter"? We didn't think so. 

The best part about this cutter is that you can cut any of our paper to any size you want! You won't ever have to settle for the standard piece of paper again! You'll be getting that customizable paper size with just one swipe of the cutter! 

Paper Cutter available in size Medium. Measures 15 x 4 1/2. 

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